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Section: Overall Objectives


The RESO approach relies on a methodology based on a three-steps cycle: 1) a fine analysis of limitations encountered in existing protocols (mainly TCP/IP), 2) the exploration of disruptive solutions, 3) the theoretical and experimental evaluation of these proposals. This research focuses an heavily ossified research object (the Internet protocol architecture) and lies between a challenging emerging application domain on a specific network context. These factors induce a close interaction with both the application level and the underlying network level as well as a deep technical and scientific knowledge of protocols and network equipments. The methodology is then based on a continuous study of the high end and original requirements and on experimental evaluation of the functionalities and performance of emerging dedicated high speed infrastructures. RESO gathers expertise in advanced high performance local and cluster area networks protocols, in distributed systems and algorithmics, in protocol and protocol architecture design, in long distance networking, in time series statistical analysis, in estimation theory and in performance evaluation. This background work provides the basis for innovative protocols and software design. Moreover, we implement and experiment our proposed prototypes on real, emulated local or wide area testbeds with real conditions and large scale applications.


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