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Section: Overall Objectives

Application domains

RESO applies its research to the domains of high end applications, distributed computing and to Grid and Cloud communications in particular.

Grid computing aims at bringing together large collection of geographically distributed resources (e.g., computing, storage, visualization, etc.) to build on demand very high performance computing environments for computing and data-intensive applications. These large scale cybernetic infrastructures gain increasing attention from a broad range of actors: from research communities to computer providers, large companies, and telecommunication operators (telcos). Whereas grids have been widely used in the scientific community, they are now moving into the commercial environment through the concept of Cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing fits a re-centralization scenario which offers suitable business and security model for large scale distributed resource sharing. Telcos are now moving toward infrastructure sharing and grid computing. Different scenarios for telcos are envisioned: telcos (1) deploy grids internally, e.g. for rapid dynamic service provisioning to new customers; (2) link different sites via VPNs; (3) act as a service broker. These scenarii are explored with industrial partners. Researches conducted these last years reveal that grid technology raises new challenges in terms of network optimisation as well as of protocol architecture and of transport paradigms. We believe that a broad deployment of the grid and cloud technology can modify and influence the design of the future Internet as other emerging communicating applications. RESO design network services and network middleware, to simplify the programming and to optimize the execution of high end communicating applications while fully exploiting the capacities of the evolving networking infrastructure.


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