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Section: Overall Objectives

Project-team presentation overview

The RESO team belongs to the “Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme” (LIP) - Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR) CNRS-INRIA-ENS with Université Claude Bernard of Lyon. It consists of twenty members in average, including six permanent researchers and teaching researchers. The research activities of the RESO project fits the "communicating" scientific priority of the INRIA's strategic plan 2008-2012. In this direction, RESO is focusing on communication software, services and protocols in the context of high speed networks and applying its results to the domain of high demanding applications and Future Internet.

The RESO approach relies on the theoretical and practical analysis of limitations encountered in existing systems or protocols and on the exploration of new approaches. This research framework at the interface of a specific network context and a challenging application domain, induces a close interaction, both with the underlying network level as well as the application level. Our methodology is based on a deep evaluation of the functionalities and performance of high speed infrastructures and on a study of the high end and original requirements before designing and analyzing new solutions. RESO gathers expertise in the design and implementation of advanced high performance cluster networks protocols, long distance networks and Internet protocols architecture, distributed systems and algorithms but also scheduling theory, optimization, queuing theory and statistical analysis. This background work provides the context model for innovative protocols and software design and evaluation. Moreover, the proposals are implemented and experimented on real or emulated local or wide area testbeds, with real conditions and large scale applications.


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