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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

INRIA actions

GRID5000: ADT Aladdin

Participants : Olivier Glück, Sébastien Soudan, Romaric Guillier, Ludovic Hablot, Laurent Lefèvre, Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, Paulo Gonçalves, Patrick Loiseau, Jean-Christophe Mignot, Aurélien Cedeyn.

ENS Lyon is involved in the GRID'5000 project, which is an experimental Grid platform gathering nine sites geographically distributed in France. ENS Lyon hardware contribution is done for now by two distinct set of computers. The Grid5000 of Lyon comprises now around 300 processors interconnected with a network of 500Mb/s Ethernet bisection and a 2Gb/s Myrinet interconnection for 64 nodes.

RESO is strongly involved in the choices of Grid5000's network components and architecture. Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet is member of the national committee (comité de pilotage) of GRID'5000, of the Aladdin scientific committee, co-responsible of the Lyon site with Frederic Desprez, and coordinates networks aspects with Renater and RMU, Lyon's metropolitan network. Lyon site is nationaly recognized to gather the "networking expertize" with skilled researchers and engineers and dedicated networking equipments Metroflux, GNET10...). Working for the interconnection of the Grid5000 project at the international level, we are hosting the japanese Naregi project remote hosts and are accessing to dediated equipments within the Naregi testbed. We also participate to the ALADDIN ADT. Oana Gona, funded by the Aladdin ADT, is designing and developing an open traffic measurement and analysis infrastructure for the Grid5000 testbed. Aurélien Ceyden is member of the national technical committee of GRID'5000. Year funding: 60 K euros


Participants : Laurent Lefèvre, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Anne-Cécile Orgerie.

The GREEN-NET is a Cooperative Research Action (ARC : Action de Recherche Cooperative) supported by INRIA. This project explores the design of energy-aware software frameworks dedicated to large scale distributed systems. These frameworks will collect energy usage information and provide them to resources managers and schedulers. Large scale experimental validations on Grid5000 and DSLLAB platforms will be proposed. Laurent Lefèvre is leading the INRIA ARC GREEN-NET on “Power aware software frameworks for high performance data transport and computing in large scale distributed systems” which involved 4 partners : INRIA RESO, INRIA MESCAL (Grenoble), IRIT (Toulouse), Virginia Tech (USA). Thanks to the ARC GREEN-NET, Marcos Dias de Assuncao has begun a postdoc position in RESO team in order to work on the design and experimental validations of energy aware large scale distributed systems. Official ARC GREEN-NET webpage :


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