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Section: Software

NXE: Network eXperiment Engine

Participants : Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, Romaric Guillier.

NXE (for Network eXperiment Engine) is a tool developed to be able to execute any particular scenario over any given topology. A scenario is defined as a sequence of dates at which networking events such the start of a new bulk data transfer occurs. This software automate the selection, deployment , configuration and activation on distributed resources of pieces of software required to execute a large scale and reproducible networking experiment. This software has been demonstrated during the SuperComputing'2007 event on the INRIA booth and is adapted and used for deploying different types of networking experiment (controlled measurement, network device evaluation, virtualization overhead measurement, HIPerNet validation...) within RESO team. A graphical user interface has been developed to simplify the usage of the automation tool. NXE is distributed under LGPL license and downloadable at :


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