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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Bilateral international relations

Foreign Associated Team “Cardio” (INRIA/Stanford)

Participants : Matteo Astorino, Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, I. Vignon-Clementel [ correspondant ] , Guillaume Troianowski, Alexandre Birolleau.

Period: 2008-2011.

The aim of this project is to foster the collaboration between the Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Laboratory (CVBRL) of C.A. Taylor (Stanford University, USA) and the project-team REO, through research on cardiovascular related topics (boundary conditions for complex flow [23] , [54] , [51] , patient-specific modeling of congenital heart disease, image-based fluid solid interaction, postprocessing of numerical simulations).

Foreign Associated Team “CFT” (INRIA/Centre de Recherche Mathématiques, Canada and SCCS, National Taiwan University)

Participant : Marc Thiriet.

The aim of this project is to perform numerical simulations and experimental measures of various biomechanical systems (aortic valve, carotid, liver,...).


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