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Section: Software


Participants : Marc Shapiro [ correspondent ] , Olivier Pérès, Mihai Letia.

A Commutative Replicated Data Type (CRDT) is one where all concurrent operations commute. The replicas of a CRDT converge automatically, without complex concurrency control. We designed and developed a novel CRDT design for cooperative text editing, called Treedoc. It is designed over a dense identifier space based on a binary trees. Treedoc also includes an innovative garbage collection algorithm based on tree rebalancing. In the best case, Treedoc incurs no overhead with respect to a linear text buffer. The implementation has been validated with performance measurements, based on real traces of social text editing in Wikipedia and SVN.

This work is published at ICDCS 2009 [46] and LADIS 2009 [44] . The code is freely available on under a BSD license.


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