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Section: Software

LS3: Large Scale Simulator

Participants : Pierre Sens [ correspondent ] , Jean-Michel Busca.

LS3 is a discrete event simulator originally developed for Pastis, a peer-to-peer file system based on Pastry. LS3 allows to build a network of tenths of thousands nodes on a single computer, and simulate its execution by taking into account message transmission delays. LS3 transparently simulates communication layers between nodes, and executes the same application code (including Pastry, Past and higher layers) as in a real execution of the system.

LS3's modular design consists of three independent layers, allowing the simulator to be reused in areas other than Pastis and Pastry:

Some figures: LS3 can simulate a network of 20 000 Pastry nodes with no application within 512 Mb of RAM, and it takes approximately 12 minutes on a single processor Pentium M 1,7 GHz to build such network. When simulating the Pastis application, event processing speed is about 500 evt/s. The speedup factor depends on the simulated load: as an example, speedup ranges from 20 for a single user to 0,05 for 400 simultaneous users.


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