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Section: Dissemination

Organization of scientific meetings and activities in scientific life

Andrew Miller organized on March the 19th and 20th in Bordeaux a Spring Workshop on Computational Issues in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming. In the continuity of this succesfull workshop, Andrew Miller is organizing in April 2010 a European Workshop on Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming in Marseille.

Pierre Pesneau is an active member of the organizing committee of the working group on Polyhedra and Combinatorial Optimization affiliated to the french operation research society (ROADEF) and the operation research group of the CNRS. The purpose of this working group is to promote the field of polyhedra in the research domain of combinatorial optimization. To this aim, the group organizes every year the Polyhedra and Combinatorial Optimization Days. These days gather young and less young researchers who want to discuss or discover the polyhedral optimisation. These days are preceded by a doctoral school.

This year, the edition of this workshop took place at the IMB (Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux) in June 2009 and was organized by the RealOpt team. It was preceded by a doctoral school on decomposition methods in combinatorial optimization.

To celebrate the 75th birthday of Jack Edmonds, the POC working group organized a 3-days workshop on Pretty Structure, Existential Polytime and Polyhedral Combinatorics.

We also regularly organize day-long workshops on more specific individual subjects. Such workshops are scheduled around a tutorial on the subject and several talks; some slots are also dedicated to open questions. For example, in November 2009, Pierre Pesneau organized such a workshop on the subject of multi-cuts and graph partitionning.

A. Raspaud and A. PĂȘcher were the chairs of the international conference Eurocomb 2009, held in September at the University of Bordeaux 1. This conference covered the full range of Combinatorics and Graph Theory including applications in other areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. There were 200 participants and the European Prize in Combinatorics was attributed to two laureates: Peter Keevash and Balazs Szegedy.

Finaly, F. Vanderbeck has been elected for a 2-years mandate as the vice-president in charge of industrial and international relations in the french operations research society board.


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