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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Grants and Activities

Participants : Andrew Miller, Arnaud Pêcher, Pierre Pesneau.

Next Generation Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Solvers: Structure, Search and Implementation

With Jeffrey T. Linderoth and James Luedtke of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sven Leyffer and Todd R. Munson of Argonne National Laboratory (a research unit of the United States Department of Energy), Andrew Miller was awarded two grants in 2008 from United States government sources for the project “Next Generation Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Solvers: Structure, Search and Implementation".

The first grant (Department of Energy grant number DE-PS02-08ER08-13) began on August 15, 2008 and lasts through August 14, 2011. The second grant (grant number CCF 0830153 of the National Science Foundation) started on January 1, 2009, and continue through December 31, 2011.

ANR Gratel

André Raspaud launched in 2005 a fruitful cooperation with the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Sun Yat-Sen University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This project takes its roots from this three years cooperation (including one PhD student in double doctoral degree scheme). The priority scientific theme “Telecommunications” is a well-known key application area of graph theory. The scientific aim of this proposal is to tackle telecommunications problems, especially wireless communications problems, with the help of graph colorings and polyhedral graph theory.

This project will be funded for three years starting in January 2010.


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