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Section: New Results

Algorithms: Bandwidth Allocation in Optical Networks

Participants : Nelson Antunes, Yousra Chabchoub, Christine Fricker, Philippe Robert, James Roberts.

The development of dynamic optical switching is widely recognized as an essential requirement to meet anticipated growth in Internet traffic. Since September 2009, RAP has begun an investigation into the traffic management and performance evaluation issues that are particular to this technology. A first analysis of passive optical networks used for high speed Internet access has led to the proposal of an original dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm and to an evaluation of its traffic capacity [18] . Our activity on optical networking is carried out in collaboration with Orange Labs with whom we have a research contract. We have also established contacts with Alcatel Bell Labs and look forward to collaborating with Iraj Saniee and his team on their proposed time-domain wavelength interleaved networking architecture (TWIN).


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