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Participant : Hervé Guillard [ contact ] .

FluidBox and Num3sis are not dedicated to any particular geometry and use general unstructured 3D meshes. In contrast, PLATO (A platform for Tokamak simulation) will be a specialized software dedicated to the geometry of Tokamaks whose main objective is to provide the Inria large scale initiative “FUSION” ( ) teams with a common development tool. The construction of this platform will integrate the following developments.

A (small) database corresponding to axi-symmetrical solutions of the equilibrium plasma equations for realistic geometrical and magnetic configurations (JET and ITER). The construction of meshes is always an important time consuming task. Plato will provide meshes and solutions corresponding to equilibrium solutions that will be used as initial data for more complex computations.

Numerical templates allowing the use of 3D discretization schemes using finite element schemes in the poloidal plane and spectral Fourier representation in the toroidal one.

Two fluid applications (Ideal MHD and drift approximation) used in the framework of the Inria large scale initiative “FUSION”.


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