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Section: New Results

Randomized programs

Participant : Christine Paulin-Mohring.

The work of C. Paulin and Ph. Audebaud from ÉNS Lyon for modeling probabilistic programs in Coq as probability measures has been published in a special issue of the journal Science of Computer Programming [12] . A new version of the corresponding Coq library  [102] has been written which uses the new mechanism of type classes in Coq designed by M. Sozeau and N. Oury and includes a few automated tactics. It is based on a general theory of ordered sets and cpos [30] and contains high-level theorems for analysing recursive programs. It is currently used in Verimag (Grenoble) and in the Marelle INRIA team (Sophia-Antipolis) as the basis for the CertiCrypt environment for formalizing proofs in computational cryptography in the framework of the SCALP project. We participate to the formalisation in Coq of the Computational Indistinguishability Logic (CIL) designed in the project. This work has been presented at the conference dedicated to Per Martin-Löf on the occasion of his retirement in Uppsala in May.


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