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Section: Software

Lucid Synchrone

Participant : Marc Pouzet [ contact ] .

Lucid Synchrone is an experimental language for the implementation of reactive systems. It is based on the synchronous model of time as provided by Lustre combined with features from ML languages. It provides powerful extensions such as type and clock inference, type-based causality and initialization analysis and allows to arbitrarily mix data-flow systems and hierarchical automata or flows and valued signals.

It is distributed under binary form, at URL .

The language has served as a laboratory to experiment various extensions of the language Lustre. Several programming constructs (e.g. merge, last) and type-based program analysis (e.g., typing, clock calculus) originaly introduced in Lucid Synchrone are integrated in the new SCADE 6 compiler developped at Esterel-Technologies.


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