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Section: Software

The CiME rewrite toolbox

Participants : Évelyne Contejean [ contact ] , Claude Marché, Xavier Urbain.

CiME is a rewriting toolbox. Distributed since 1996 as open source, at URL . Beyond a few dozens of users, CiME is used as back-end for other tools such as the TALP tool developed by Enno Ohlebusch at Bielefeld university for termination of logic programs; the MU-TERM tool ( ) for termination of context-sensitive rewriting; the CARIBOO tool (developed at INRIA Nancy Grand-Est) for termination of rewriting under strategies; and the MTT tool ( ) for termination of Maude programs. CiME2 is no longer maintained, and the currently developed version is CiME3, available at . The main new feature of CiME3 is the production of traces for Coq . This comes with a Coq library called Coccinelle ( ). CiME3 and Coccinelle are also developed by the participants of the A3PAT project at the CNAM, and are distributed under the Cecill-C licence.


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