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Section: Application Domains


Many systems in telecommunication, banking or transportation involve sophisticated software for controlling critical operations. One major problem is to get a high-level of confidence in the algorithms or protocols that have been developed inside the companies or by partners.

Many smartcards in mobile phones are based on a (small) Java virtual machine. The card is supposed to execute applets that are loaded dynamically. The operating system itself is written in C, it implements security functions in order to preserve the integrity of data on the card or to offer authentication mechanisms. Applets are developed in Java, compiled, and then the byte-code is loaded and executed on the card. Applets or the operating systems are relatively small programs but they need to behave correctly and to be certified by an independent entity.

If the user expresses the expected behavior of the program as a formal specification, it is possible for a tool to check whether the program actually behaves according to the requirements. We have a collaboration with Gemalto in this area.

Avionics or more generally transportation systems are another area were there are critical algorithms involved, for instance in Air Traffic control. We have collaborations in this domain with Dassault-Aviation and National Institute of Aerospace (NIA, Hampton, USA).


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