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Section: Dissemination


Since April 2008, S. Boldo is member of the editorial committee of the popular science web site )i(: .

Since July 2009, S. Boldo is elected member of the board of the Animath association that promotes mathematics among young people.

S. Boldo prepared an activity related to programs and astronomy for the event “10e Salon de la culture et des jeux mathématiques” (May 28-31, 2009). It is based on an OCaml program by J.-C. Filliâtre that gives an accurate graphical representation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time. S. Boldo, F. Bobot and R. Bardou animated this activity for children and the general public.

This activity was reused for the event “Fête de la science” organized by the French ministry of Education and Research (November 20-22, 2009). S. Boldo, R. Bardou, S. Conchon, and A. Paskevich animated this activity for children and the general public.

S. Boldo gave a talk for mathematic and technology secondary school teachers. On June 10 th and 16th, the teachers attended several talks in a seminar called “Formation Informatique et Objets Numériques” in order to prepare a computer science option in the secondary schools of the academy of Versailles. A CD was edited by the INRIA with all participants' talks, and the talks are also available on .

S. Boldo gave a talk for mathematic secondary school teachers at their assembly on October 14th.

S. Boldo is invited speaker on December 8th at a special day for a hundred secondary school girls (15-16 years old) to promote women in mathematics and computer science.

S. Boldo was invited to write a popular science article about programmation in DocSciences, a magazine edited by the “Académie de Versailles”. This article was then put on the popular science web site interstices [36] .

G. Melquiond animated the INRIA stand at the European Research Carrier Fair in Berlin, May 28, 2009.

C. Auger and S. Conchon gave a talk at “Fête de la science” on November 23 about the order of magnitude of problems computer science has to deal with. The goal of this talk was to show that naive brute force algorithms can not solve many problems occurring in practice, even with the help of billions of supercomputers. This talk has also been given by S. Conchon during the award ceremony of “Olympiades de mathématiques” on May 13, 2009.


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