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Section: Dissemination

Industrial Dissemination

G. Melquiond also participates in the meetings of the IEEE-1788 standardization committee on interval arithmetic. The “Technology Transfer and Innovation” INRIA department is funding his travel expenses till late 2011.

Airbus France expressed in 2009 the wish to integrate our tool Alt-Ergo in its process of certification of the critical softwares in their next generation planes. We thus started the procedure of qualifying Alt-Ergo in the sense of the DO-178B norm, which fixes the contraints on software development to achieve certification of an avionics software. This is done as part of the new ADT Alt-Ergo .

The Frama-C environment has a growing industrial impact, being currently under experimental use and evaluation by U3CAT industrial partners but also other european industrial users, e.g. Fraunhofer FIRST institute ( ) in Berlin, Germany; Bosch company in Germany; Thalès group, France (within european project ITEA2 SPICES ).

The Krakatoa/Why chain for Java verification is under use at Gemalto company.


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