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Participants : Augustin Lux [ correspondant ] , Rémi Emonet.

The Imalab system represents a longstanding effort within the Prima project group (1) to capitalize on the work of successive generations of students, (2) to provide a coherent software framework for the development of new research, and (3) to supply a powerful toolbox for sophisticated applications. In its current form, ImaLab serves as a development environment for research in computer vision in the Prima team, and represents a considerable amount of effort (probably largely more than 10 man-years).

There are two major elements of the Imalab system: the PrimaVision library, which is a C++ based class library for the fundamental requirements of research in computer vision; and the Ravi system, which is an extensible system kernel providing an interactive programming language shell.

With respect to other well known computer vision systems, e.g. KHOROS [52] the most prominent features of Imalab are:

The combination of these facilities is instrumental for achieving efficiency and generality in a large Artificial Intelligence system: efficiency is obtained through the use of C++ coding for all critical pieces of code; this code is seamlessly integrated with declarative programs that strive for generality.

Imalab's system kernel is built on the Ravi system first described in Bruno Zoppis's thesis  [61] . The particular strength of this kernel comes from a combination of dynamic loading and automatic program generation within an interactive shell, in order to integrate new code, even new libraries, in a completely automatic way.

The Imalab system has, in particular, been used for the development of software in several European projects. The Imalab system has proven to be extremely efficient tool for the development of systems such as BrandDetect that need extensive performance evaluation as well as incremental design of of a complex user interface.

We currently are in the process of registering of ImaLab with the APP (Agence pour la Protection des Programmes). Imalab has been distributed as share ware to several research laboratories around Europe. Imalab has been installed and is in use at:


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