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Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

“Infrastructure pour le COMmerce du futur” (ICOM) 2007-2009

Participants : Roudy Dagher, Grégory Guche, Nathalie Mitton [ contact ] , Loïc Schmidt, David Simplot-Ryl.

This project is lead in the framework of the competitiveness cluster of trade industry of Nord-Pas de Calais PICOM (Pôle des Industries du COMmerce). Trade industry are being in constant evolution. The massive apparition of the Internet, the increasing exigence of quality of service, the ubiquitous and pervasive informatics shatter the traditional trade practices, their economical and organizational models.

ICOM (Infrastructure pour le COMmerce du futur) aims at helping enterprises regarding a fast and easy deployment of new applications using new technologies and infrastructures from ubiquitous informatics. It will provide a smart infrastructure which hides the heterogeneity of identifiers (RFID, NFC, bar code) and manages data storage and request routing to provide scalability.

List of participants: Atos Origin (H. Jost), Auchan (B. Courouble), Décathlon (E. Lecointe), La Poste (J. Estienne), La Redoute (F. Gitton), INRIA-ASAP (A. Viana), INRIA-ADAM (L. Duchien), INRIA-POPS (N. Mitton), GS1 (N. Pauvre), ORANGE France (D. Dufresne).


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