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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR RNRT “Réseaux hétérogènes Intelligents pour Situations de Risques” (RISC) 2007-2010

Participants : Jean Carle [ contact ] , David Simplot-Ryl, Michael Hauspie, Nathalie Mitton.

This project is a RNRT project (Réseau National de la Recherche en Télécommunications ).

The RISC project (Réseaux hétérogènes Intelligents pour Situations de Risques) focuses on heterogeneous networks in the context of civil safety. The goal is to study and define the communication from physical to network layer process in a crosslayer optimization. This network is heterogeneous since it contains mobile and static nodes, with variable bandwidth. Furthermore, some nodes have the ability to monitor the environment. This heterogeneity comes from realistic deployment where different kind of nodes must operate in the same global network. For example, in safety operation context, mobile nodes are human with portable radio in the field of operations, fixed nodes correspond to radios infrastructure link to external world (i.e. headquarters). Sensors are also used to support current action: Static sensors are used to monitor the environment. Mobile sensors could be placed on human to monitor either environmental constants or human biological constants during operation.

The project is organized around two axes:

List of participants: CRESTIC, ENST Paris, ETIS, LIFL, RTS Electronics, Thales Communication. .


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