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Section: Application Domains

Industrial design tools

The commercially available design tools (such as UML with real-time extensions, Matlab / Simulink / dSpace ( )) and execution platforms (OS such as VxWorks , QNX, real-time versions of Linux ...) propose a collection of functionalities without accompanying it by design or verification methods. Some of them, founded on models of reactive systems, come close to tools with a formal basis, such as for example StateMate by iLogix .

Regarding the synchronous approach, commercial tools are available: Scade (based on Lustre ), Esterel Studio ( ), Sildex (based on Signal ), specialized environments like CellControl for industrial automatism (by the Inria spin-off Athys ). One can note that behind the variety of actors, there is a real consistency of the synchronous technology, which makes sure that the results of our work related to the synchronous approach are not restricted to some language due to compatibility issues.


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