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Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains

Industrial applications.

Our applications are the embedded system area, typically: robotics, automotive, telecommunications, systems on chip (SoC). In some areas, safety is critical, and motivates the investment in formal methods and techniques for design. But even in less critical contexts, like telecommunications and multimedia, these techniques can be beneficial in improving the efficiency and quality of designs, as well as the design, production and test costs themselves.

Industrial acceptance of formal techniques, as well as their deployment, goes necessarily through their usability by specialists of the application domain, rather than of the formal techniques themselves. Hence our orientation towards the proposal of domain-specific (but generic) realistic models, validated through experience (e.g. , control tasks systems), based on formal techniques with a high degree of automation (e.g. , synchronous models), and tailored for concrete functionalities (e.g. , code generation).


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