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Section: Application Domains


This is a particularly important domain, first because of the very important technological applications but also because the treatment of Maxwell's equations poses new and challenging mathematical questions.

Applied mathematics for electromagnetism during the last ten years have mainly concerned stealth technology, electromagnetic compatibility, design of optoelectronic micro-components or smart materials.

Stealth technology relies in particular on the conception and simulation of new absorbing materials (anisotropic, chiral, non-linear...). The simulation of antennas raises delicate questions related to the complexity of the geometry (in particular the presence of edges and corners). Finally micro and nano optics have seen recently fantastic technological developments, and there is a real need for tools for the numerical simulation in these areas.

Our team has taken a large part in this research in the past few years. In the beginning, our activity was essentially concerned with radar furtivity (supported by the French Army and Aeronautic Companies). Now, it is evolving in new directions thanks to new external (academic and industrial) contacts:


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