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Section: New Results

Network measurement, modeling and understanding

Participants : Chadi Barakat, Walid Dabbous, Roberto Cascella, Alfredo Grieco, Mohamad Jaber, Amir Krifa, Imed Lassoued, Stevens Leblond, Arnaud Legout.

The main objective of our work in this domain is a better monitoring of the Internet and a better control of its resources. In the monitoring part, we work on new measurement techniques that scale with the fast increase in Internet traffic and growth of its size. We propose solutions for a fast and accurate identification of Internet traffic based on packet size statistics. Within the ECODE FP7 project, we work on a network-wide monitoring architecture that, given a measurement task to perform, tune the monitors inside the network optimally so as to maximize the accuracy of the measurement results. Within the ANR CMON project, we work on monitoring the quality of the Internet access by end-to-end probes, and on the detection and troubleshooting of network problems by collaboration among end users. In the network control part, we focus on new solutions that improve the quality of service to users by a better management of network resources and by a more efficient tuning of applications that take into account the constraints posed by the network. In this direction we propose distributed topology-aware algorithms for the scheduling of communications among members of a wireless community interested in sharing data files among each other. This is the main functionality provided by our open-source software BitHoc [49] .

Next, is a sketch of our main contributions in this area.


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