Team π.r²

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences and seminars

Presentation of papers

Glondu: [17] at JFLA 2009.

Herbelin: [13] at the workshop WOLLIC'09 in Tokyo, and [18] at the informal workshop TYPES'09 in Aussois (France).

Munch: [15] at CSL 2009, Coimbra, and at the workshop Réalisabilité at Chambéry.

Soubiran:  [16] at the MLPA workshop.

Other presentations

Herbelin presented the work done in Coq on certified SAT solvers at the second Workshop on Formal and Automated Theorem Proving and Applications (FATPA'09) held at the university of Belgrade (January).

Attendance to conferences, workshops, schools,...

Categorical Computer Science workshop in Grenoble, November (Munch).

Marktoberdorf Summer School on Logics and Languages for Reliability and Security (Glondu).

Journées Françaises des Langages Applicatifs, February, Grenoble (Letouzey).

Types 2009 in Aussois (Puech, Régis-Gianas, Siles).

CADE 22 (Soubiran).

MGS'09 spring school in Leicester, March (Puech).

Two meetings of the CeProMi AR, a working group about specifications and proofs of imperative higher-order programs (Régis-Gianas).

Monthly meetings of the ANR project CHOCO (Curry-Howard for concurrency) at Lyon (Munch, Curien).

Monthly meetings of a national level working group gathering researchers from PPS, IML (Marseille) and LIPN (Paris 13), on the Geometry of Interaction and its mathematical developments in the theory of operator algebras, following recent work of Girard (Curien, Saurin).

Talks in seminars

Abel: Talk on 15 October 2009 in the PPS seminar on normalization by evaluation for the Calculus of Constructions.

Curien: Talk at the Seminar of Cambridge Computer Lab, “What can sequent calculus do for programming languages?”, June 2009.

Glondu: Gallium seminar.

Herbelin: seminar of the ROPAS group at the University of Seoul (June), seminar of the Formes team at the University Tsing Hua of Beijing (June), PPS seminar (September), on the current status of the foundations of Coq.

Ilik: Seminar of the Logic group, University of Padova,, presenting [18] .

Munch: 'Réalisabilité à Chambéry' workshop (June), Groupe de travail 'Sémantique et réalisabilité' of PPS, Logic and Semantics seminar of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory.

Saurin: Prelude Workshop on september 28 (Prelude is an ANR project whose complete title is “Toward a Pragmatic Theory based upon the Ludics and the Continuations”), University of Turin (November), LaBRI, Bordeaux university, INRIA team SIGNES (November), meeting of the ANR PANDA project (December).

Siles: “Séminaire thésard” of LIAFA and PPS (organised by the PhD students).

Soubiran: “Groupe de Travail Programmation” (Paris 6 - Paris 7).

Groupe de travail Théorie des types et réalisabilité

This is one of the working groups of PPS, jointly organised by Hugo Herbelin and Paul-André Melliès, since September 2009. It is held weekly at the Antenne INRIA. So far, the working group has hosted talks of Noam Zeilberger, Pierre-Louis Curien, Andreas Abel, Hugo Herbelin, Alexis Saurin, Chung Kil Hur, François Pottier.


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