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Section: Dissemination


Supervision of Ph.D. and internships

Pierre Letouzey is currently the PhD advisor of Stéphane Glondu. Moreover he has proposed and monitored the Master1 research internship (TRE, Travaux de Recherche Encadrée) of Lukasz Fronc, from February to June. The topic of this internship was “Full reflection for Presburger arithmetic in Coq”.

Hugo Herbelin supervises the PhD of Élie Soubiran and Danko Ilik. He co-supervises the PhD of Vincent Siles with Bruno Barras (INRIA TypiCal team) and the beginning of the PhD of Matthias Puech (jointly with Andrea Asperti from Bologna University). He supervised the work of Vincent Gross, INRIA associated engineer for the ADT Coq.

Pierre-Louis Curien is the PhD advisor of Guillaume Munch (jointly with Thomas Ehrhard), and is also the supervisor of two students at PPS outside the $ \pi$r2 project (Stéphane Zimmermann, jointly with Thomas Ehrhard, and Alexis Goyet). Two of his PhD students (also outside $ \pi$r2 ) have defended their thesis in 2009: Christine Tasson (joint with Ehrhard) and Mauro Piccolo (joint with Silmona Ronchi, Torino).


Pierre-Louis Curien is teaching a 48 hours proof theory course in the Master program “Logique Mathématique et Fondements de l'Informatique” at Paris 7. He gave a 12 hour proof theory course at Tsinghua University, Beijing (September 2009).

Stéphane Glondu is a teaching assistant at University Paris Diderot-Paris 7. Vincent Siles is a teaching assistant at Ecole Polytechnique. During 2009, he taught Java programming (beginner / advanced) and introduction to networking. Since September 2009 Élie Soubiran holds a position of ATER at the university of Paris 12. He gives lessons and supervises practical works for three different teaching units: Algorithmique avec ADA , Génie logiciel avec ADA and Projet de programmation en ADA . Bruno Bernardo is teaching as an ATER in Paris 7 since September 2009.


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