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Section: Other Grants and Activities

EC projects


Yann Régis-Gianas took part in the preliminary management of the EU-FP7 Certified Complexity project (CerCo). This European project will start on february 2010 as a collaboration between Bologna university (Asperti, Coen), Edinburgh university (Polack) and Paris Diderot university (Amadio, Régis-Gianas). The CerCo project aims at the construction of a formally verified complexity preserving compiler from a large subset of the C programming language to some typical micro-controller assembly language, of the kind traditionally used in embedded systems.


Hugo Herbelin is the INRIA representative of the MathMate project submitted to the FP7 European programme. The project is about developing an intermediate language for representing formal mathematics on the web and combining mathematical natural language and checked proofs. The project is between Bologna university (Asperti), Stichting Katholieke Universiteit (Geuvers, McKinna, Wiedijk, Urban), Edinburgh (Fleuriot), FIZ Karlsruhe (Wegner, Teschke, Sperber) and INRIA (Formes and $ \pi$r2 ). Yann Régis-Gianas takes also part in this proposal.


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