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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

Pierre Letouzey is member of the ANR “Decert” project. The objective of the “Decert” project is to design an architecture for cooperating decision procedures, with a particular emphasis on fragments of arithmetic, including bounded and unbounded arithmetic over the integers and the reals, and on their combination with other theories for data structures such as lists, arrays or sets. To ensure trust in the architecture, the decision procedures will either be proved correct inside a proof assistant or produce proof witnesses allowing external checkers to verify the validity of their answers.

In this prospect, Pierre Letouzey aims at integrating all results of this “Decert” project in the realm of the Coq proof assistant. Since this project is still in its early phase, there has been little such integration activity, but rather preliminary discussions. Pierre Letouzey also plans to clean up and improve the situation of some “historical” decision procedures of Coq, such as Omega for Presburger Arithmetic, since these historical tactics are currently in a quite unsatisfactory shape. Preliminary work has started.


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