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Section: Overall Objectives


The European project POP – Perception on Purpose

We coordinated the European project POP . Together with four other partners we developed a new concept and associated technology that enables a robot to combine data from sound and vision to create multimodal purposeful perception. In collaboration with the EPI MISTIS, PERCEPTION developed a new methodology based on unsupervised statistical machine learning: a conjugate mixture model of multimodal clustering. The associated algorithm is able to cluster data acquired with physically different sensors such as cameras and microphones [55] . This three year European project (2006-2009) was highlighed on the ICT results website dedicated to promoting outstanding European research, .

The European Marie-Curie research training network VISIONTRAIN

This RTN Marie-Curie action successfully ended in 2009. It gathered eleven academic partners from eleven European countries and it allowed the training of eleven PhD students and 12 Postdoctoral researchers through collaborative research. Radu Horaud was the network coordinator, .

The Virtualization gate presented at SIGGRAPH'09

VGate is a new immersive environment that allows full-body immersion and interaction with virtual worlds. A live demonstration of VGate was presented at Siggraph Emerging Technologies 2009, New Orleans, 3-7 August 2009, .

Eurographics'09 best third paper award

The best third paper price of Eurographics 2009 was awarded to Elise Arnaud and co-authors Maxime Tournier, Xiaomao Wu, Nicolas Courty and Lionel Reveret for their paper "Motion compression using principal geodesics analysis [19] .


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