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Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains

Multi-media and interactive applications

The employment of advanced computer vision techniques for media applications is a dynamic area that will benefit from scientific findings and developments. There is a huge potential in the spheres of TV and film productions, interactive TV, multimedia database retrieval, and so forth.

Vision research provides solutions for real-time recovery of studio models (3D scene, people and their movements, etc.) in realistic conditions compatible with artistic production (several moving people in changing lighting conditions, partial occlusions). In particular, the recognition of people and their motions will offer a whole new range of possibilities for creating dynamic situations and for immersive/interactive interfaces and platforms in TV productions. These new and not yet available technologies involve integration of action and gesture recognition techniques for new forms of interaction between, for example, a TV moderator and virtual characters and objects, two remote groups of people, real and virtual actors, etc.


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