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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Actions internationales

REDO: Redesigning logical syntax

Participants : Nicolas Guenot, Dale Miller, Lutz Straßburger, François Wirion.

The REDO project is an INRIA funded ARC between INRIA Nancy–Grand Est, the University of Bath, and INRIA Saclay–Île-de-France. It started in January 2009 and lasts 2 years. Coordinator is Lutz Straßburger.

Slimmer: an INRIA and NSF funded international team

Participants : David Baelde, Andrew Gacek, Dale Miller.

Slimmer stands for Sophisticated logic implementations for modeling and mechanical reasoning is an “Equipes Associées” with seed money from INRIA. This project is initially designed to bring together the Parsifal personnel and Gopalan Nadathur's Teyjus team at the University of Minnesota (USA). Separate NSF funding for this effort has also been awards to the University of Minnesota. We are planning to expand the scope of this project to include other French and non-French sites, in particular, Alwen Tiu (Australian National University), Elaine Pimentel (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) and Brigitte Pientka (McGill University, Canada).

REUSSI: Research Experiences for US Students at INRIA

Participants : David Baelde, Dale Miller, Zachary Snow.

This is an NSF funded project that places students from USA graduate programs in Computer Science within INRIA sites for internships ranging from a couple to several months in duration. During the last three summers, we have used these funds to support the visit of graduate students from the University of Minnesota to the Parsifal team.


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