Team Parsifal

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Overall Objectives

Main Themes

The aim of the Parsifal team is to develop and exploit the theories of proofs and types to support the specification and verification of computer systems. To achieve these goals, the team works on several level.

The foundational work of the team focuses on the proof theory of classical, intuitionistic, and linear logics making use, primarily, of sequent calculus and deep inference formalisms. A major challenge for the team is the reasoning about computational specifications that are written in a relational style: this challenge is being addressed with the introduction of some new approaches to dealing with induction, co-induction, and generic judgments. Another important challenge for the team is the development of normal forms of deduction: such normal forms can be used to greatly enhance the automation of search (one only needs to search for normal forms) and for communicating proofs (and proof certificates) for validation.

The principle application areas of concern for the team currently are in functional programming (e.g., $ \lambda$ -calculus), concurrent computation (e.g., $ \pi$ -calculus), interactive computations (e.g., games), and biological systems.


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