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Section: New Results

Advanced programming models for the Grid

Participants : Jean-Pierre Banâtre, Hector Fernandez, Jean-Louis Pazat, Thierry Priol, Cédric Tedeschi, Chen Wang.

In the context of web services, we have started to study how to take advantage of the good properties of the chemical computing paradigm (implicit parallelism, autonomic behavior) to express service coordination. For this purpose, we are defining the S-HOCL language, since the basic HOCL language does not support service coordination, and we are extending the HOCL compiler in several ways (refer to Section  5.7 ).

In collaboration with STFC (UK) under the framework of the CoreGRID Network of Excellence, we are studying the security engineering of distributed systems, such as Grids, when following the chemical-programming paradigm. We have analysed how to model secure systems using HOCL. Since our emphasis is on modularity, we advocate the use of aspect-oriented techniques, where security is seen as a cross-cutting concern impacting the whole system. We showed how HOCL can be used to model Virtual Organisations (VOs), exemplified by a VO system for the generation of digital products. We also develop security patterns for HOCL, including patterns for security properties such as authorisation, integrity and secure logs [3] .

As mentioned earlier (refer to Section ), we are also studying how to express and implement service adaptation through a chemical approach.

Finally, we started to study the development of the prototype of a middleware system for the distributed execution of chemical programs (targeted for large scale platforms).


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