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Leadership, Steering Committees and community service

European XtreemOS IST-FP6 Integrated Project.

Ch. Morin is the Scientific Coordinator of the XtreemOS Integrated Project ( ). Y. Jégou is a member of XtreemOS Executive Committee. Th. Priol is a member of XtreemOS Scientific Advisory Committee. J.-P. Banâtre is the Inria representative in the XtreemOS Governing Board.

European S-Cube IST-FP7 Network of Excellence

J.-L. Pazat is the Leader of the Infrastructure JRA 2.3 workpackage of this project. J.-P. Banâtre is the Inria representative in the S-Cube Governing Board.


J.-L. Pazat is member of the steering committee of the CNRS Research Co-operative Federation (Groupement de recherche , GDR) ASR (Architectures, Systems and Networks ). F. André serves as the coordinator of the ADAPT action (Dynamic Adaptation ) of the GSP working group.


Th. Priol has been the director of ALADDIN-G5K since 2009 and D. Margery is the technical director of ALADDIN-G5K .

Editorial boards, direction of program committees

Ch. Morin

served as the Program Chair of CFSE 2009 (Conférence Francaise sur les systèmes d'exploitation ) held in the framework of Toulouse 2009 ( ). She was Program Committee Vice-Chair of the IEEE CIT 2009 conference ( ). She is the General Chair of the ACM EuroSys 2010 conference ( ). She has been involved in the Organization Committee of the XtreemOS summer school held in Oxford, UK in September 2009 ( ).

J.-L. Pazat

was co-chair of the IEEE CIT2009 program committe, he serves as the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the RenPar, CFSE and Sympa federated conference series. He is the chairman of the Steering Committee of RenPar ).

Th. Priol

is a member of the Editorial Board of the Parallel Computing Journal and of the International Journal of Web Services Research .

P. Linnell

has been in charge of the computing infrastructure for the hand-on sessions for the XtreemOS Summer school, held in Oxford, UK, in September 2009.

Program Committees

Ch. Morin

served in the Program Committees of the following conferences: CFSE 2009, HPCVirt 2009, ICA3PP 2009, CIT 2009, GridNets 2009, NAS 2009, SNAPI 2010, Resilience 2010, ISPA 2010, VTC 2010.

J.-L. Pazat

served in the Program Committees of the following conferences: CIT 2009, GPC 2009, RenPar 19.

Th. Priol

served in the Program Committees of the following conferences: AMCA 2009, CBHPC09, CCGRID09, CLOUD09, ACCS09, GCC09, HPDC09, ICPP09, ICWS09, IWHGA09, SSS09, WGOS09.

Th. Priol

served as the PC chair of ParCo09.

Evaluation committees, consulting

Ch. Morin

served as a member of the Selection Committee for the INRIA junior researcher competition at INRIA Saclay - Ile de France. She has been appointed by the European Commission as a member of the European Expert Group on Cloud Computing.

Ch. Morin

acted as a (primary) referee for the Foreign PhD Committee of Paulo Lopes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal).

Th. Priol

acts as an expert to review FP6 and FP7 projects for the European Commission as well as ERC proposals.


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