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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National grants

ANR WP : ANR White Program

ANR WP AutoChem Project

Participants : Jean-Pierre Banâtre, Thierry Priol.

This project aims at investigating and exploring an unconventional approach, based on chemical computing, to program complex computing infrastructures, such as Grids and real-time deeply-embedded systems. It is a 3-year project which started in December 2007.



Participants : Yvon Jégou, David Margery, Pascal Morillon, Thierry Priol, Cyril Rohr.

The Paris project-team coordinated in 2008 a follow-up proposal to the Grid'5000 project of the ACI GRID. This proposal aims at the construction of a scientific instrument for experiments on large-scale parallel and distributed systems, building on the Grid'5000 platform. This proposal was accepted and officially started June 1st. It structures INRIA's leadership role as the institute is present in 8 if the 9 Grid'5000 sites distributed across France.

Frédéric Desprez is the director of this ADT, Franck Cappello the scientific director, and David Margery the technical director. An executive committee, where each of the 10 project-teams supporting Grid'5000 in the 8 research centers is represented, meets every month. It gives recommendations to the directors on scientific animation, access policy to the instrument as well as for the hardware and software development according to the resources devoted to this ADT. Yvon Jégou represents Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique in this executive committee.

The technical team is now composed of 12 engineers, of which 3 are from the Paris project-team (David Margery, Pascal Morillon, Cyril Rohr). This technical team is structured in a sysadmin team, managing the instrument, and a development team building the tools to build, execute and analyze experiments.

30 project-teams not including the 10 mentioned above are using or have shown interest in using such an instrument.

ANR TLOG : ANR Program on Software Technologies

ANR TLOG NeuroLog Project

Participant : Yvon Jégou.

The NeuroLog consortium (Software technologies for integration of process, data and knowledge in medical imaging ) is targeting software technologies in medical domains for large scale management of data, knowledge and computation: management and access of partly structured data, heterogeneous and distributed in an open environment; access control and protection of private medical data; control of workflows implied in complex computing process on grid infrastructures; extraction and quantification of relevant parameters for different pathologies.

ANR ARPEGE Eco-Grappe Project

Participants : Christine Morin, Eugen Feller.

We are involved in the EcoGrappe consortium with EDF R&D and Kerlabs. The 3 year Eco-Grappe project started in December 2008 and funded under the ANR ARPEGE programme aims at the management of energy consumption is clusters. Our work, started in December 2009, relates to the design and implementation of energy saving resource management policies in clusters running a single system image operating system such as Kerrighed . Eugen Feller's PhD grant is funded under this project.


Participants : Christine Morin, Yvon Jégou.

We are involved in the COOP consortium with INRIA Grenoble (coordinator), INRIA Bordeaux, lRIT and EDF R&D. COOP is funded under the ANR COSINUS programme and is a 3 year project started in December 2009. This project aims at studying the interactions between programming environments or runtimes and resource management systems for efficient execution of HPC applications. We will perform experiments with Vigne and XtreemOS Grid systems and the SALOME platform for numerical simulation. A post-doctoral (18 months) and a research engineer (18 months) positions are funded.


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