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Section: Software

fMRI toolbox in Brainvisa

Participants : Bertrand Thirion [ Correspondant ] , Lise Favre, Alan Tucholka.

Parietal is involved in the development of a functional neuroimaging analysis toolbox in Brainvisa : this project includes the implementation of standard toolkit for the analysis of fMRI data, which is an important building block of Neurospin software platform, but it is an interface for the diffusion of the methods developed in our team, in particular those developed in nipy. It benefits from the general infrastructure of Brainvisa , which has been set since 2001 by the LNAO laboratory (CEA, DSV, Neurospin) and several other teams from IFR 49 ( , ).

The toolbox has been presented at Journées Inter-Régionales de Formation en NeuroImagerie , Marseille, May 25-29, at a session organized by LNAO, Paris, November 16-20, and at HBM conference [23] .


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