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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives

Chili. We have an associated team “VanaWeb” that started in 2008 and continues the collaboration initiated during the joint project INRIA-CONICYT (Chili), VANANAA (formerly, COCARS). It is a project on rules and strategies for the hybrid resolution of constraint problems with applications to composition problems for the Web. We have many exchanges with Carlos Castro and his group (UTFSM, Valparaiso, Chile).

Brazil. Project INRIA-CNPq (Brazil), DA CAPO - Automated deduction for the verification of specifications and programs. It is a project on the development of proof systems for the verification of specifications and software components. The coordinators of this project are David Déharbe (UFRN Natal, Brazil) and Christophe Ringeissen (CASSIS). On the french side, DA CAPO also involves the CASSIS project.

Japan. We are part of the joint French-Japanese cooperative program on “Foundations of provably secure software technology and its applications” whose goal is to provide the foundations of provably secure software using our logical and mathematical methodology for practical and crucial applications, especially focusing on applications to security of new-generation smart cards.


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