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Section: Software


Participants : Paul Brauner [ correspondant ] , Guillaume Burel, Clément Houtmann.

Lemuridae is a proof assistant for the sequent calculus instance of superdeduction modulo. It is written in Tom and features automatic super-rules derivation with support for axiom directed focussing, automated derivation of induction principles using deduction modulo encoding of higher order logic, as well as some basic automatic tactics. The soundness is ensured by a tiny kernel checking the generated proof trees.

It has been used as a prototyping environment for the developpement of the encoding of Pure Type Systems as well as the simulation of inductive types in superdeduction modulo.

This year, the kernel has been entirely rewritten to take advantage of the proofterms developped in [4] . To this end, we have developped FreshGom , an extension of the Tom language providing mechanisms that ease the manipulation terms containing binders. This allowed us to export Lemuridae 's proofs to other formats, including Parigot's $ \lambda$$ \mu$ -calculus  [67] and Coq proofterms  [34] .

Lemuridae is available in the Tom subversion repository, under applications/lemuridae .


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