Team Orpailleur

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
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Section: Overall Objectives


This is the second year that the Taaable system is currently developed for participating in a challenge, namely the “Computer Cooking Contest”. The Taaable system is available on line at . This system has been designed with the collaboration of the SILEX team (LIRIS Lyon) and the RCLN team (LIPN Paris 13). The Taaable system won the second prize in the first “Computer Cooking Contest” [69] at the European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning in Trier (Germany, September 2008). In addition, the system has also won the the second prize in the second “Computer Cooking Contest” (International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, July 2009, Seattle, USA) [35] . The design of the Taaable system involved a large part of the Orpailleur team, and needed joint efforts and combination of many skills and capabilities, such as knowledge representation, ontology engineering, classification, case-based reasoning, text-mining, information retrieval.


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