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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International networks and working groups

Associated team SOUMO with the University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

Opale Project-Team and the Department of Mathematical Information Technology (MIT) at University of Jyväskylä (Finland) have initiated a collaboration in the framework of INRIA Associated Teams program on the topic “Shape Optimization with Uncertainties and Multicriterion Optimization in Concurrent Engineering”. More precisely, the aim is to develop and experiment methodologies for large-scale computations and shape optimization in challenging engineering problems relying on advanced numerical simulation tools, such as compressible CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), CEM (Computational Electromagnetics), computational material sciences. More precisely, the objective is to make progress in:

This year, OPALE has organized the workshop "Reliable Simulations and Robust Design Methods and Tools in Multiphysics applications", 5-8 October. The Finnish delegation counted about ten persons. This workshop was the opportunity to compare the respective methodologies and applications studied by both teams and establish a program for 2010.

OPALE has also hosted J. Leskinen (PhD student) for a period of two weeks, to initiate a collaboration on the topic of the use of Nash games with distributed computing for design optimization.

Collaboration with China

The OPALE project is a member of the FP7 AEROCHINA2 coordination and support action (2007-2009) on multidiscipline design, simulation and optimization for the aeronautics sector. OPALE is responsible for the Large-scale simulation Working Group 06 and COllaborative Platforms Work Package 07 in this project, formed by five Chinese (ACTRI, NUAA, SADRI, NPU and BUAA) and five European members (Airbus, EADS IW, Alenia, CIMNE, INRIA). Current investigations for the set-up of a proposal answering to the Call 2010 in the Transport and Aeronautics Objective of the FP7 are undertaken concerning Multidiscipline Optimization calling for High performance computing services focused on Active Flow Control devices of interest to the aeronautics sector, e.g. vortex generators, synthetic jets, bumped airfoil profiles. Contacts are also underway to assess the feasibility of a continuation network building on the AEROCHINA2 partnership.

European project EXCITING

Opale and Galaad Project-Teams participate to the European project EXCITING (EXaCt-geometry sImulTIoN for optimized desiGn of vehicules and vessels). The objective is to develop simulation and design methods and software based on the isogeometric concepts, that unify Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Finite-Elements (FE) representation bases. Applications concern hull shape, turbine and car structure design.

Euromed 3+3 program SCOMU

A. Habbal is the French responsible for the project "Scientific Computing and Multidisciplinary Optimization" (SCOMU), a Euro-Mediterranean Euromed 3+3 program. The project SCOMU involves institutions from France (INRIA, Opale Project, Nice Sophia Antipolis University), Italy (University of Genova), Spain (University of Corogna), Tunisia (ENIT, Tunis) and Morocco (Ecole Mohammedia, University Mohamed V, Rabat). The project is a three-year financed action, 2009-2011. The main goal of the project is to develop and promote collaboration between specialists of scientific computing and specialists of single and multi objective optimization. Application areas include image processing, finance, structural mechanics and mathematical biology.


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