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Section: New Results

Behavioural Specification for Reliable Distributed Components

A specification Language for Distributed Components: JDC

Participants : A. Cansado, R. Gascon, L. Henrio, E. Madelaine.

The JDC language aims at the specification of distributed components, in the context of the Grid Component Model (GCM). The long-term goal is to generate code that will be guaranteed to satisfy the (behavioural) properties proved on the JDC code. The language is Java-based, and provides means to describe both architectural and behavioural aspects of GCM applications.

The PhD thesis of Antonio Cansado was defended at the very end of 2008 [52] . The JDC language defined in this work is now being reformulated, and submitted as a journal paper. JDC has a graphical subset that is the basis for the graphical editors of the Vercors platform ( 5.2 ).


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