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Section: Software

Vercors platform

Participants : A. Cansado, E. Madelaine [ correspondant ] , R. Gascon, M. Adrover, A. Parisy, A. Bouchakhchoukha.

Vercors is a verification platform for distributed components covering the whole process of verification.

The Vercors tools ( ) include front-ends for specifying the architecture and behaviour of components in the form of UML diagrams. We translate these high-level specifications, into behavioural models in various formats, and we also transform these models using abstractions. In a final step, abstract models are translated into the input format for various verification toolsets. Currently we mainly use the various analysis modules of the CADP toolset.

We have continued our work on the Vercors tools, strengthening the component editor, defining a major revision of the data-type library, and going through a major refactoring of the model generation module (ADL2N). We also have started a work on translation of the pNets model to the Fiacre format, that should be one of the future “standardized” input format for the models-checkers we use [28] , but this is not yet ready to be implemented. The middle-term goal, here, is to provide a full coherent chain of tools, from specification to model-checking, integrated in the Eclipse Vercors environment.

We have continued our work on model-checking of systems containing finite state machines (FSM) connected by unbounded Fifo queues. We have extended our prototype tool for reachability in this kind of systems, with the goal of demonstrating how such algorithms could be controlled in practice [30] .


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