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Participants : B. Amedro, F. Baude, D. Caromel, V.-D. Doan, F. Huet [ correspondant ] , E. Isnard, M. Khan, V. Legrand, E. Mathias, P. Naoumenko, F. Perrina, M. Rivera, G. Sigety, F. Viale, F. Bratu, F. Fontenoy, O. Smirnov.

ProActive is a Java library (Source code under GPLv3 license) for parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing, also featuring mobility and security in a uniform framework. With a reduced set of simple primitives, ProActive provides a comprehensive API to simplify the programming of applications that are distributed on a Local Area Network (LAN), on cluster of workstations, Clouds, or on Internet Grids.

The library is based on an Active Object pattern that is a uniform way to encapsulate:

and has an architecture to inter-operate with (de facto) standards such as:

ProActive is only made of standard Java classes, and requires no changes to the Java Virtual Machine, no preprocessing or compiler modification; programmers write standard Java code. Based on a simple Meta-Object Protocol, the library is itself extensible, making the system open for adaptations and optimisations. ProActive currently uses the RMI Java standard library as default portable transport layer, but others such as Ibis or HTTP can be used instead, in an adaptive way.

ProActive is particularly well-adapted for the development of applications distributed over the Internet, thanks to reuse of sequential code, through polymorphism, automatic future-based synchronisations, migration of activities from one virtual machine to another. The underlying programming model is thus innovative compared to, for instance, the well established MPI programming model.

In order to cope with the requirements of large-scale distributed and heterogeneous systems like the Grid, many features have been incorporated into ProActive such as:

We have demonstrated on a set of applications the advantages of the ProActive library, and among others we are particularly proud of the following results, showing that portable and transparent Java code can compete with specific optimised approaches:

ProActive is a project of the former ObjectWeb, now OW2 Consortium. OW2 is an international consortium fostering the development of open-source middleware for cutting-edge applications: EAI, e-business, clustering, grid computing, managed services and more. For more information, refer to [8] [47] and to the web pages and tp:// which list several white papers.

The following new features have been developed in 2009:


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