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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Collaborations

Stic-Amsud ReSeCo

ReSeCo (Reliability and Security of Distributed Software Components ) is a collaboration of INRIA with partners of the south American CONESUD, namely Un. of Cordoba (Argentina), Un. of Montevideo (Urugay), Un. Diego Portales and Un. de Chile (Chili). The two complementary themes of this project are the Specification and Verification of Component Systems on one side, and Security through Verifiable Evidence (proof Carrying Code) on the other hand. It started in November 2006 for a duration of 3 years, and will fund researcher visits and organisation of workshops. The final workshop of ReSeCo will be help in December 2009 in Cordoba (Argentina).

Stic Asia

Stic Asia is a multilateral project with universities of BUPT (Beijing, China), Tsinghua (Beijing, China), SCUT (Ghuanzhou, China), and NUST (Pakistan). Experiments and Dissemination on Grid Standard: ProActive GCM , is a collaborative research and academic exchanges project on Grid standard between Inria and the partners from Asia. It is partially funded by French ministry of Foreign affairs starting from July 2007 and will finish in December 2010.

The main objective of this project is to foster international scientific cooperation in Grid research between France and Asian partners, share experiments and disseminate ProActive and Grid Component Model (GCM) standard for Grid Middleware and applications interoperability. Furthermore, it is intended to support and establish partnership from mobility programs in a short and long term.


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