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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


“Architecture de Grille Orientée Services” is a project labelled by the pôle de compétitivité SCS (“Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées”), and financed by FCE Ministère de l'Industrie (from October 2007 to March 2010).

AGOS is a development project integrating and standardising a scientific approach (INRIA) and an industrial approach (HP and Oracle) of two innovative technologies: Grid computing and service oriented architecture. AGOS defines such a generic functional integration architecture. AGOS delivers also a secured software platform providing the following:

Thus, it will be proposed to the partner companies an automated and integrated management environment of the applications activity based on an existing infrastructure with communication as the main paradigm insuring secured cooperation of application components and distributed hardware. This project is clearly based on an industrial process and doesn't constitute an academic exercise targeting at integrating Grid Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence. Instead, its goal is to deliver a concrete implementation for companies using local area networks up to intra-networks. AGOS will be instantiated for the SCP and Amadeus Use Cases.

The partners of the project are: HP, OASIS (INRIA-UNS-CNRS), the ActiveEon startup issued from OASIS, Oracle, Amadeus, Société du Canal de Provence.


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