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Section: Scientific Foundations

Multiscale modeling and computations

Spatial complexity: collective motion of cells

The collective motion of cells (bacteries on a gel or endothelial cells during angiogenesis) is a fascinating subject, that involves a combinaison of random walk and chemotaxis. The modeling of these problems is still active, since the pioneering works of Keller and Segel, and the mathematical study of the arising equations is a very active area of research.

Vincent Calvez focuses its effort on the following questions:

Figure 1. Collective motion of cells

Complex rheology

To investigate the growth of a tumor it is crucial to have a correct description of its mechanical aspects. Tumoral and normal cells may be seen as a complex fluid, with complex rheology.

Numerical investigations of complex flows is studied by P. Vigneaux who develops new numerical schemes fo Bingham type flows.


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