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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Quantitative Seismic Hazard Assessment (QSHA)

Participants : Nathalie Glinsky-Olivier, Jean Virieux [ Joseph Fourier University and LGIT laboratory ] .

This project was funded by ANR in the framework of the Catastrophes Telluriques et Tsunami program and has ended this year. The activities undertaken in the QSHA project aimed at (1) obtaining a more accurate description of crustal structures for extracting rheological parameters for wave propagation simulations, (2) improving the identification of earthquake sources and the quantification of their possible size, (3) improving the numerical simulation techniques for the modeling of waves emitted by earthquakes, (4) improving empirical and semi-empirical techniques based on observed data and, (5) deriving a quantitative estimation of ground motion. From the numerical modeling viewpoint, essentially all of the existing families of methods (boundary element method, finite difference method, finite volume method, spectral element method and discrete element method) have been considered for the purpose of the QSHA objectives.


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