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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Paul-Louis Georges [ GAMMA project-team, INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt ] , Stéphane Lanteri, Mark Loriot [ Distene, Pôle Teratec, Bruyères-le-Chatel ] , Philippe Pasquet [ Samtech France ] .

MIEL3D-MESHER is a national project of the SYSTEM@TIC Paris-Région cluster which aims at the development of automatic hexahedral mesh generation tools and their application to the finite element analysis of some physical problems. One task of this project is concerned with the definition of a toolbox for the construction of non-conforming, hybrid hexahedral/tetrahedral meshes. In this context, the contribution of the team to this project aims at the development of a DGTD-Im2 ${\#8473 _p\#8474 _k}$ method formulated on such hybrid meshes. Here, Im1 $\#8473 _p$ stands for the polynomial interpolation method on tetrahedral elements while Im6 $\#8474 _k$ denotes the polyomial interpolation method on hexahedral elements. Discontinuous Galerkin methods are particularly appealing for dealing with a non-conformity in the mesh (i.e with hanging nodes on the interfaces between neighboring regions meshed with different element types) as well as in the definition of the approximation orders p and k . As a result, one can reasonably expect an increased flexibility in the numerical modeling of complex configurations through the combined use of these forms of non-conformity.


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