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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

High order DGTD-Im1 $\#8473 _p$ Maxwell solver for electric vulnerability studies

Participants : Joseph Charles, Loula Fezoui, Stéphane Lanteri, Muriel Sesques [ CEA/CESTA, Bordeaux ] .

The objective of this research grant with CEA/CESTA in Bordeaux is the development of a coupled Vlasov-Maxwell solver combining the high order DGTD-Im1 $\#8473 _p$ method on tetrahedral meshes developed in the team and a Particle-In-Cell method. The resulting DGTD-Im1 $\#8473 _p$ /PIC solver is used for electrical vulnerability assessment of the experimental chamber of the Laser Mégajoule system. The specific subjects that are considered in this work are concerned with high order time integration methods, hierarchical polynomial interpolation and p -adaptivity.


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